Monday, November 30, 2015

Thank you for a successful season and Fundraiser

We want to sincerely thank everyone that was involved in making our Second Annual Growing up Green Fundraiser an amazing success! Without the help of our dedicated volunteers, performers, chefs, sponsors, donors, and guests we could not have made this event happen. 
We were able to raise over $4000 that will be put towards our Cecil Elementary School Garden club program!! Special thanks to the following people for making this event happen:
Chefs: Sarah Morton and Billy McCarthy, Kevin Brown, Krystal Mack, Jen Doll
Food: Boone Street Farm, Hawks Hill Creamery, South Mountain Creamery, HEX Ferments, Atwaters Bakery, Real Food Farm, The Mushroom Stand, Two Boots Farm, City-Hydro, Really Raw Honey, Reids Orchard
Silent Auction: Metta Integrative Wellness Center, The Wine Market, Rothwell Law, Blue Pit BBQ and Whiskey Bar, Xquistite Catering, Friends and Farms, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, The Breadery, Charm City Yoga, Pablo Machioli, Ed Schrader's Music Beat, The Charmery, Zensations Apothecary, Woodberry Kitchen, Artifact Coffee, Ron William, Leah Livengood
Performers: La Rose and the Buttes, Catalina Byrd
Venue: Peabody Heights Brewery
Sponsors: Coppin State University, Roland Park Country School, Sweetgreen, University of Baltimore, The Restaurant Store, Rouse Foundation
Poster Artwork: Sara Lautman
Volunteers: Raychiel, Ellie, Jon, Natanya, Vanessa, Gagan, Ricker, Alison, Isabel, Joey, Kevin, Noah, Jacob, Amelia, Debbie, Tommy, Katie
Boone Street Staff/Interns: Cheryl, Dana, Marcus, Serina, Tanya, Lindsay, Grace, Chris, Sequinta, Sonce, Lauren, Patrick, Emma, Katelyn, Deja, Rosa, Amelia. 

Thank you for an AMAZING Season

We want to thank everyone that has been involved in the farm this year for helping make this our most productive season yet. Our accomplishments this year include harvesting over 5,400 lbs of produce, hosting over 20 interns and regular volunteers, hiring an assistant production manager, educating over 30 students through our Cecil Elementary School Garden Club program, working with 5 high school students through the Youthworks program, delivering vegetables weekly to 11 families through our Community supported agriculture (CSA) progam, starting an herbal CSA,  attending a new farmers market, selling to local restaurants, creating a cookbook, and hosting our first ever cooking classes.

This year we continued to expand our production allowing us to increase our yields and provide more fresh produce to the community. We added 8 new rows to our St. Ann's site and increased our growing intensity allowing us to reach our sales and harvest goals. Each year we are able to improve our efficiency and learn new techniques helping us work towards creating a sustainable farm business. Through grant funding we were able to subsidize the cost of our produce to community members and people receiving nutrition benefits allowing us to sell our produce at our weekly farm stand at an affordable price. We were also able to purchase a tool shed which will cut down on a significant amount of travel between the office and the farm allowing us to spend more time working on growing great produce.

As many of you are aware we had an independent developer place a bid on our 21st street lot putting us in danger of losing about 25% of the space we are currently growing on. Thank you to everyone who signed our petition and showed your support of the farm. We were able to place a counter bid on the land and are now waiting to hear the outcome. During this time we can still use all the support we can get. Please consider donating to the farm during this holiday season to help us secure the rest of the land we are growing on and provide support to continue to expand our production and programming. For online donations visit ourwebsite and use the paypal link under the donate tab or send checks to Boone Street Farm, 2701 St. Lo Dr, Baltimore MD 21213.

Look out for information about 2016 programming and how to join our 2016 CSA early next year. We hope everyone has a happy holiday season and New Year!


Don't miss the Second Herbal Medicine Class
Wednesday, December 2nd!

Thank you to this years interns and staff!!

Marcus Carter
Amelia Hazen
Matt Nickelson
Chris Carresse
Kendell Shriver
Hannah Blau
Kimberley Meistrall
Kate FitzGerrell
Kariyma Murphy
Emma Reisinger
Emani Williams
Christopher Croft
Lyn Davidson

Tanya Krapf
Hans Van Zinkernagel
Grace Macfarlane
Ellie Macfarlane
Elizabeth Gallo
Maggie Weese
Andrea Michalowsky

Lindsay Crisler
Sequinta Watts
Sonce Reese
Deja Golder
Rosa Wilson
Serina Willams
Patrick Baron
Lauren Poor
Katelyn Jarkowiec


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