Cheryl Carmona and Aliza Sollins started Boone Street Farm in Fall 2010, in the East Baltimore Midway neighborhood out of the simple desire to have a large space to grow fresh produce.  The project quickly blossomed and Boone Street Farm became a space for children to play, neighbors to garden, fellow gardeners to cultivate, local artists to create art, neighbors to gather, and more! 

For more information visit our page on the Farm Alliance of Baltimore websiteCheryl Carmona is currently working as the farm manager at Boone Street Farm with a crew of assistants. You can read more about her on the Open Society Institute website.

You can read more about the 2013 crew members here. 

Accomplishments and Projects:

  • Growing over 1000 pounds of collards, beets, carrots, herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, okra, cucumbers, watermelon, green beans, and more on the site of a formerly vacant piece of land
  • Providing free community garden space and advice
  • Partnering with Cecil Elementary to host an after school garden club
  • Providing an opportunity for Baltimore City students to earn their required community service hours
  • Hiring Baltimore City students through Youthworks and Americorps
  • Hosting block parties and workshops for our community
  • Cleaning up trash and painting storm drains
  • Providing free samples at the Maranatha Apostolic Church summer block parties
  • Creating value-added products such as green tomato salsa, vegetarian sesame-noodle salad, banh mi sandwiches, bloody marys, and pickles to earn donations for future farm needs
  • Hosting educational workshops on the farm

Find Us
2100 Boone Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
Facebook: Boone Street Farm

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