Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Winter Benefit Bash !!!!

The benefit show was a huge success, we made over $3000 for Boone Street Farm to continue to grow the educational programming and build the farm into productive land for the community long term. 

We want to thank all the amazing people that made the benefit show possible

Chain and the Gang- Ian Svenonius, Anna Nxsty and Francy Graham
Cole Tut – Jeffrey Mcgrath,  Lesser Gonzales, Steve Santillian and Chris Day
Butte La Rose – Lauren Poor and Liz Marchetta

Blk, Michael Collins and Dan Deacon

Paintings by Pablo Machioli
Poster -  Kevin Sherry

 Sponsor - Twin Valley Distillery

Volunteers:  Liz Marchetta, Sophia Mack, Jenny Guillume, Vinnie Bevivino, Natanya Rabinowitz, Alison Worman, Isabelle Antreasian, Michael Collins, Kelleigh Eastman, Brian Nicholson, Joey Fox, Debbie Higgs, Maxine, Madeline Arnoult,  Ed Schrader, Tanya Garcia, Merrell Hambleton, Crawford Pile, Jason Bartholomew
Sound  - Chester Gwazda
Equipment - Future Islands,  Nick Petr,  Ed Curren
Host - Compound
Thank You!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter Benefit Bash! Friday February 13th 2015

We took some time out for Winter hibernation this year.  We have been working on our plans for the coming season and are getting excited to get things rolling again this Spring!  Look for our 2015 CSA announcement soon!

We are kicking off our 2015 season with a Winter Benefit show at the Compound on
 Friday February 13th 2015. Doors at 7PM. Tickets $10-15.
Pizza and drinks available.
Don't miss Chain and the Gang, Cole Tut and Butte La Rose followed by a dance party and karaoke!!
Poster by Kevin Sherry

Boone Street Farm is fund raising to complete a project that will secure water access for the community garden and farm as well as to support our garden club program with Cecil Elementary School.  The garden club builds students environmental leaders in the neighborhood who grow vegetables, herbs, fruit and make healthy snacks.  It has been a great experience to work with the students at Cecil Elementary School at the community garden in East Baltimore Midway and we thank you all for your amazing support to keep this project running!