Sunday, June 16, 2013

Spring Fair Photos

A very special thank you to everyone for helping make our Spring Fair a lovely time!

The fair celebrated the end of the free after school garden club that Cheryl taught for students from Cecil Elementary. The students learned about plant biology and environmental stewardship, and had their own plots at our community garden where they grew peas, sorrel, and kale. Check out the amazing t-shirts she had made!

The event was part of Cheryl's Open Society Institute project, the Greater Greenmount Trash and Recycling Education Campaign. Click the link to read more about her project here.

A full slideshow of photos with more info about the party can be found on our Google+ stream here:

Thank you so much to Lowell Larsson, who took all of these photos and has helped out Boone Street Farm in so many countless ways. Lowell, we can't tell you how much we appreciate your help, and how much it has meant to this project. Greater Greenmount is a better place for having a neighbor like you.

Neighbors and friends helped serve up the barbeque. Thanks to Gather Baltimore for providing some donations and to everyone who helped cook and serve food.

The Greater Greenmount Community Association are Boone Street Farm's non-profit fiscal sponsor, and we are so proud to be a part of this hardworking and dedicated group of active citizens.

Stormwater education:

Ms. Wanda weeding her community garden bed:

Garden club students and Ms. Wanda at the seedling table: 

Neighbors were very happy to get the discounted trash and recycling bins. Loose trash bags and illegal dumping is an issue in Greater Greenmount.

Volunteers helping serve mint lemonade and bread with oregano olive oil dipping sauce. We provided free samples to highlight recipe ideas and give people a new culinary experience using the many herbs we grow at the garden.

There were lots of great kids activities as well, from face painting to arts and crafts. Students definitely gravitate toward the garden, and Cheryl did an amazing job of managing the garden club. 

Thank you to Cecil Elementary!

The Department of Public Works, the Peoples Community Health Center, Michelle Baratucci's art table, the Greater Greenmount Community Association, and so many friends and neighbors all came together for this event. Thank you all. 

As mentioned above, you can see more photos of the Spring Fair on our Google+ feed here:

If you are interested in stopping by the farm, come by on a Wednesday night from 5 - 7 p.m. We will be continuing our popular herb lemonade stand for a Lemonade Happy Hour!